GAHRA Future Leaders Program

A Group of Rising Stars


The GAHRA Leadership Committee was created to foster the next generation of leaders.  The Committee awakens and enhances the leadership talent of those persons brave enough to step forward and go through the program.  The Future Leaders Program is for anyone who wants to learn to be a better leader!

The Future Leaders are a part of the Georgia Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities.  The Georgia Association of Housing and Redevelopment Authorities is recognized as an established leader in the affordable housing industry. Upon recognizing the importance of sustaining our mission as a leader in this continually changing housing environment, the Future Leaders initiative was developed.  One of this committees’ goal is to provide a continuous framework that ensures quality professional development for the organizational leadership of the association.

Seize the opportunity to improve on your leadership skills and apply with the Future Leaders nominations form!  For more information, or to submit your nomination for consideration, please contact the Future Leaders Chair, Brenda B. Smith, Executive Director of the Dublin Housing Authority, via email or via phone at 478-272-2450.

The Future Leaders Committee members are:

From left: Becky Hartman, Brenda Smith, Latonia Simmons, and Africa Porter

From left: Becky Hartman, Brenda Smith, Latonia Simmons, and Africa Porter

Brenda B. Smith, Chair Latonia Simmons, Vice Chair
Africa F. Porter Becky Hartman


To meet GAHRA’s Future Leaders Alumni, please select a class.

2013 GAHRA Future Leaders

2014 GAHRA Future Leaders

2015 GAHRA Future Leaders


***Part of being in the Future Leaders program is completing a class project that brings something to GAHRA.  This website was designed as the Class of 2015’s project to showcase our fellowship of members, allow a roster of the Future Leaders alumni, and to provide interested persons a way to apply to become a member of a future class.   These webpages are a prototype of what the Future Leaders hope will someday be a tab under the GAHRA website***